Drawing from her background in business, journalism, and the nonprofit sector, Janet helps audiences communicate clearly and persuasively and manage the demands of their busy lives. Participants praise her ability to deliver solid content with warmth and humor, encouraging high participation and retention of material.

Programs will be tailored to the needs of your organization and are available as keynotes, breakouts, and half-day or full-day seminars.

Key topics:

Essential Business Writing Skills
Collaborative Critical Thinking with Precision Q+A
Mindful Time Management

Essential Business Writing Skills

Good writing increases credibility and cooperation, while less-than-good writing can lead to confusion and delay. Get better results from your emails, reports, and other business documents by saying what you mean clearly and concisely. Improve your productivity by giving readers the information they need, the way they need it—so the message gets through the first time.

Participants will learn to:

  • Plan and draft documents with more focus and less stress.
  • Analyze a reader’s point of view to gain greater cooperation.
  • Write clear subject lines that prompt efficient responses.
  • Choose the right formatting to enhance the message.
  • Organize information logically for quick reader comprehension.
  • Use appropriate tone.
  • Recognize and avoid common, credibility-damaging errors in grammar and punctuation.
  • Spot and eliminate unnecessary words and phrases, without sounding brusque.
  • Proofread for accuracy.

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Collaborative Critical Thinking with Precision Q+A

Precision Questioning and Answering (PQ+A) is a comprehensive analytic thinking framework that fixes inefficient meetings, tightens unfocused presentations, and leads to smarter decisions. In this one-day workshop, you will learn to uncover risky assumptions, attack complex problems from new angles, and raise the level of critical thinking within your team. Tested for over two decades in some of the world’s most respected businesses and universities, PQ+A teaches you how to bring the best of your analytic and social-emotional intelligence to the business problems your organization is tackling. Janet is a certified PQ+A trainer.

Participants will learn to:

  • Strengthen collaborative thinking among teams.
  • Dramatically expand the repertoire of questions you use to examine issues, manage projects, and do your best work.
  • Think more strategically—whatever your role—in an environment of rapid change.
  • Articulate effective questions during meetings.
  • Give crisp, clear, concise answers that build credibility and teamwork.
  • Collaboratively pursue lines of thinking in order to surface risks and opportunities.
  • Analyze an issue both deeply and efficiently in order to make better decisions.
  • Rigorously test your thinking as you solve a work challenge or prepare for a project review.
  • Move flexibly between strategic and tactical thinking when discussing an issue.

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Mindful Time Management

Overload is a fact of professional life. Confronted with too many opportunities and demands, we react to the loudest stimulus, or keep doing what’s comfortable, even if it isn’t what matters most. One-size-fits-all time management “solutions” don’t make sense in today’s constantly shifting environment. Instead, this interactive workshop will help you to be more conscious about the decisions you are making moment to moment and incisively aware of default habits that are getting in your way. Discover how to be more deliberate about priority setting, scheduling, and responding to interruptions and unexpected events. Gain personalized tools for reducing overwhelm so that you make more powerful choices about how you use your time.

Participants will learn:

  • A quick way to recover composure in the midst of chaos.
  • Three questions that reduce overwhelm.
  • The power of single-tasking and how to get better at it.
  • Methods for observing and adjusting your behavior (that don’t take a lot of time).
  • A tuning-in technique that gets you out of autopilot.
  • Two practical techniques for dealing with procrastination at the source.
  • Easy-to-implement structures that improve your focus
  • Strategies for incorporating self-care and avoiding burnout.

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