Improving your Team’s Focus–
Workshops on Writing, Thinking, and Priority-Setting

Janet Bailey helps organizations improve productivity and focus through concise writing, clear thinking, and smart priority-setting. In her lively workshops and one-to-one coaching, leaders and team members gain practical tools for greater engagement and contribution.

Janet’s speeches and seminars earn top ratings from clients in a wide variety of fields, including manufacturing, social services, technology, government, and health care. She brings to the platform a keen intelligence, a powerful ability to connect with audiences, and a commitment to creating sustainable behavior change.

Janet honed her ability to get to the core of an issue during her years as a journalist. She has been the mind-body columnist for Glamour and Redbook magazines, and her articles on health, communication, and career success have appeared in Chief Executive, Glamour, Health, Robb Report, Reader’s Digest, and other leading publications.